Musette Explosion can present workshops geared to students of various age groups. These include:

FRENCH MUSETTE MUSIC and HISTORY -- performance / discussion for elementary and high school groups. Part demonstration of French musette music, part discussion of the historical context of the music. Topics can include the role of immigration in French musette music, the interaction of jazz with other cultures, the instruments we play and the industrial revolution, and more.

CONVERSATIONAL IMPROVISATION -- for conservatory, high school, or adult music students. A practical workshop on making music and improvising, through the lens of musette and jazz music, with a special focus on the small group without drums. Topics include: group interaction, rhythmic support without drums, self-orchestration, learning music by ear. Students will play with the band!

INSTRUMENT-SPECIFIC WORKSHOPS -- with accordion, guitar, and tuba students.

Past workshops hosted by:
The Towers, Narragansett RI
Gregg Moore, Arcata CA
Siskiyou Music Project (in a public school), Ashland OR
Learning on Stage, Morristown NJ
Top photo by Donna Iannapolo