These three virtuosi found a wormhole from the simple harmonies and structure of the musette to a modern sensibility that coexists quite comfortably with the earlier material … They have served the music by following where it led: to the heart of their imaginations. Their energy, humor, virtuosity, and deep feeling make Introducing Musette Explosion a welcome, unique, and most satisfying experience.”

Mel Minter, Musically Speaking Blog

Musette … has a dynamic vehicle in this ensemble.”

— Nate Chinen, New York Times

Swings with speed and clarity, sways with mystery and eroticism....Not simply an archeological paean to past masters, this debut recording from Musette Explosion makes the genre relevant to NYC's musical landscape. ”

— Elliott Simon, NYC Jazz Record

Classic swing waltzes have been waiting for a project like this…this group does not restructure the repertoire’s foundation; they handle it all in their own way. [Musette Explosion] has respectfully reclaimed 1930s Paris for the 21st Century.”

— Aaron Cohen, Downbeat

“…a happy, bracing exploration … impish yet serious … it is easy to listen to the whole disc at a sitting as if one were at a chamber-music concert with ten movements in a suite. (This variety, never forced or abrupt, is something few discs offer.) … This trio swings … as brilliant as Will, Matt, and Marcus are as soloists, they come together marvelously as ensemble players — something is always going on in every performance, and this combination of instruments that would seem odd or unbalanced in other hands sounds complete and rich here.”

Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives blog

Art by Na Kim